What is a Boundary Survey and When Would You Need One?
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Brazoria County

The American system of private property is founded on the establishment of reliable West Columbia Brazoria County boundaries between parcels. In the absence of such West Columbia 77486 boundaries, disputes and misunderstandings flourish. Whether they need to understand whether a newly drilled Brazoria County oil well lies on their West Columbia property or wish to make improvements in an Brazoria County, 77486 area that's adjacent to an apparent Brazoria County boundary, it's crucial for landowners to understand the exact limits of their parcels. If knowledge of these limits has lapsed, Brazoria County landowners may need to commission a re-establishment or boundary survey.

What is a West Columbia Re-Establishment/Boundary Survey?
A boundary survey aims to formally establish the extent of a given parcel. While the most important aspect of a West Columbia boundary survey is its definition of the pertinent parcel's corners, the survey should comprehensively outline the extent of the property. Once a West Columbia boundary survey has been completed, the West Columbia surveyor creates a new map of the parcel or updates an existing plat map with the 77486 property's "new" Brazoria County boundaries. Depending on local custom or expediency, the West Columbia surveyor may also create a physical record of the survey on the West Columbia land itself. This might take the form of a specially erected fence or a series of stakes.

When Should a West Columbia Boundary Survey be Performed?
Although there's no pre-defined time period for which a boundary survey remains in effect, such measurements should be performed at fairly regular intervals. At minimum, new West Columbia, 77486 landowners who purchase a parcel from its longtime owner would be well-served by a timely boundary survey that confirms the information on the Brazoria County title deed. These measurements are also crucial before the creation or execution of West Columbia, 77486 Brazoria County mineral leases or other Brazoria County land-use agreements. Finally, West Columbia landowners who are compelled to cede portions of their property to the state or other entities for the creation of public infrastructure may require comprehensive boundary surveys.

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Who Must Perform West Columbia Boundary Surveys?
Given the exacting nature of U.S. property law as well as the sensitivity of modern measuring equipment, most boundary surveys are performed by licensed surveyors who have several years of education and apprenticeship under their belts. Ben Jauma 6417Although it's possible for non-licensed amateurs to perform surveys, it's unlikely that any boundaries defined by such measurements will hold up in the face of contrary evidence. Since measuring the physical length and shape of a property's boundary is just one piece of the "surveying puzzle," it's best to leave these matters to capable professionals.

Cost and Other Considerations
The cost of a West Columbia boundary survey is subject to several important factors as well as the protocols of the surveying firm that's hired to perform the work. Cost-related factors may include:

  • The West Columbia location, ruggedness and accessibility of the surveyed parcel
  • The size of the surveyed parcel in West Columbia
  • Seasonal variations in leaf cover, ground markings and other potentially important features of the land
  • The shape and extent of the surveyed parcel in Brazoria County
  • The purpose for which the survey is being commissioned
  • It's also important to note that West Columbia surveyors can perform West Columbia wetland analyses, West Columbia sewage inspection, West Columbia development-assistance functions and other important services.

Complications That Can Arise in the Absence of Reliable West Columbia Survey

A lack of reliable surveying within a given neighborhood or tract can have serious ramifications, including:

  • Acrimonious Brazoria County boundary disputes between landowners
  • Loss of royalties for oil and gas development
  • Violation of local West Columbia building or West Columbia improvement codes
  • Potential defects in title deeds and ownership transfers

Final Thoughts
Although a West Columbia boundary survey isn't free of charge, it's a crucial component of a landowner's long-term ownership plan. What's more, the cost of a West Columbia boundary survey is liable to be exceeded by the indirect financial benefits enjoyed by landowners who understand where their properties end. For landsmen and Brazoria County energy-industry professionals, the advantages of this arrangement should be clear.

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